Secret Qualities Of Winning Mobile App

Secret Qualities Of Winning Mobile App

With a huge number of mobile applications available in the app marketplace today, the challenge is stiff. Businesses everywhere are battling for their customers’ mobile phone real estate. The objective is to be one of the 23 most frequently used applications on a mobile user’s device. Most of the people are attempting to copy the success of applications like Instagram and Tinder, while others have smaller objectives. But, regardless of the goal, one thing is clear. The application market is exploding, and if you want to succeed, you’ll need to figure out how to break through the noise.

However, how precisely do you do that? All things considered, there are some applications that stand out and separate themselves from the crowd. They destroy the challenge and bring businesses higher than ever. Luckily, these mobile applications will in general have a couple of basic characteristics that you can apply to your mobile application. In fact, these characteristics should be top of the mind before you even start planning your mobile application.

Best Qualities Of Winning Mobile App-

Qualities of winning mobile app

1. Great UI (User Interface)-

First impressions are more important. Individuals judge books by their covers, and applications within the initial couple of moments of use. That is simply human nature. So by what method can your mobile application make a great (and lasting) impression? The key is great UI.

The way your application looks and works is essential to its success. This is particularly valid with free applications because there is a high churn rate. If the application doesn’t look and perform as well as an opponent application, the user won’t bother to learn more about what it can do.

Winning applications keep in mind that, in most cases the user is operating from a mobile device with a small touchscreen. Accordingly, the UI is unobtrusive, mitigating design elements that don’t add a use or function to the application. If it doesn’t add value, it’s eliminated.

Winning applications focus on the essential primary task of the application (the task that solves the users’ problem or adds the most value), lift the most important content, and give users a logical way to follow for simple navigation. They’re intuitive.

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2. Fast Loading Time And High Performance-

Have you ever used an application that took more time to load—and in some cases, it just crashed, and totally shut down? You most likely didn’t use that application over and over again.

If your application takes too long to load, it will consequently be ignored by users. Winning applications take less than five seconds to load. However, more complex applications like Facebook sometimes take somewhat longer to load—these applications require a lot of information to start up.

For Facebook, users generally stick around since they see continuous activity when they start the application. If so for your application, consider taking the user to a “loading” screen, which informs them that the loading process is on. Winning applications are also high performing and reliable. Applications that continually freeze are ignored by users.

3. Customer Support-

Not every mobile user is tech-savvy. There will consistently be individuals who need assistance with their download or have general pre or post-purchase questions. A winning application’s customer service will respond to users’ questions within hours, and even minutes in some cases. Only one question can prompt a deal or an application recommendation. 

You’ll see that you start to get similar questions again and again. To save time, make a FAQ section for your users. For other individual inquiries, consider outsourcing customer support and hire people from and (this is just essential if you get A LOT of inquiries, however).

4. Adapts To A User’s Needs-

Developing a successful application is great- however if you can’t maintain that success, it’s all for naught. Winning applications introduce new features, fix bugs, and streamline the manner in which they operate with each update.

5. Compatible With A Mobile Platform-

A winning mobile application is compatible with the mobile platform it is developed for. It keeps the aspect of the particular platform in mind, and it takes advantage of the natural qualities of the smartphone or tablet. Thus, it offers the most ideal UI experience for users.

While making your mobile application, focus on the features and characteristics of the platform, as well as the guidelines and work environments. Avoid using unfamiliar features that don’t fit into the framework of that mobile platform.

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The application marketplace is cluttered with competition- but that doesn’t mean your mobile application can’t stand apart from the crowd. Mobile use is exploding, and the opportunities for mobile apps are developing with it. However, if you need your mobile app to be successful you’ll need to figure out how to break through the noise.

Fortunately, you don’t need to figure it all out on your own. Plan your mobile app with the goal that it incorporates as many of the above characteristics as possible. This will be your key point for success, and your ticket to a great mobile application that genuinely skyrockets your businesses.

You can consider the points to make your apps successful. There can be few too. If you are still confused about how to make an application more successful, consult with Solace experts. We have a dedicated team to give you the best web solution. Hire dedicated app developers to develop a successful and engaging app. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for app development that will be the face of your business. We will be happy to help you.

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