Top 11 AngularJS Tools You Need To Know In 2021

Top 11 Angularjs tools you need to know in 2021

AngularJS is the most preferred framework for web developers to design a web app dynamically. It allows you to use HTML as a template language and spread HTML’s syntax to clearly show app components. Developers always search for the best ways to work fast and deliver the project within estimated time. Here comes the AngularJS tools in focus to increase your speed and also improve quality code. Hence we came with the best tools for app developers. Whether you are an angular developer or thinking of using Angular for your next project, knowing these Angularjs tools will help you to develop and deliver the best angular app. Let us see which are those tools.

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Top 11 AngularJS Tools-

1. Webstorm-

This tool comes with a smart Angular online editor that provides a great support for Javascript, Node.js, HTML and CSS and also for all their modern successors. It works fine with the latest technologies and hence is loved by the developers community.


  • Great customization features to match your coding style.
  • Intelligent ide
  • Git support
  • Coding assistance for various Java Script languages, CSS, HTML, and Node.Js
  • Highly efficient debugging, testing, tracing, and profiling features
  • Can run ESLint, JSCS, TSLint, Stylelint, JSHint or JSLint also


  • In-built spell checker to avoid silly mistakes
  • Facilitates cohesive work without need for scrolling
  • Intelligent code completion support with both word expansion and structural completion

2. Karma-

This is one of the best testing frameworks for AngularJS development that provides a perfect testing environment allowing you to test the app on real browsers and real devices like tablets and phones. Karma is used for various testing like unit testing, E2E testing and midway testing. Gitlab, Typeform, Appian are some of the organizations that are using Karma tool


  • Offers test coding in various real browsers
  • Very easy to integrate with Travis, Jenkins and Semaphore
  • Open-source community at GitHub
  • Remote Control
  • Testing Framework Agnostic
  • Open Source
  • Easy Debugging
  • Continuous Integration


  • Efficient framework with the help of command line or IDE
  • Open source platform for easy plugins
  • Great testing functions across different browsers

3. Jasmine-

This is a behavior driven testing framework that does not rely on browsers, DOM or any Javascript framework. It is ideally suited for any Angular projects or anywhere else where Javascript runs.  The syntax is very easy to read. It is influenced by RSpec, JSSpec, ScrewUnit and JSpec. It is best for asynchronous testing,front-end code testing with Jasmine-jQuery and test doubles implementation by ‘spies’. Also, it automatically monitors and recognizes Javascript classes and frameworks.


  • It is an Open-source testing framework
  • Used for TDD
  • SpyOn to fake calls

4. Mocha.js-

It is a feature rich Javascript test framework which runs on node.js and browser. It allows asynchronous testing that makes it flexible with accuracy of reporting and mapping. Mocha.js is best suited for AngularJS developers on the beginner level and is ideal for training purposes also. Coursera and Asana are the popular companies that uses Mocha.js.


  • Simple setup
  • JavaScript API for testing
  • Asynchronous testing


  • Compatible with almost all browsers
  • Easy to provide support to Generators
  • Flexible and optimum reporting on tests
  • Best suitable for TDD(Test driven development) and BDD(Behavior driven development)

5. Protractor-

It is an open-source framework that brings with it an automatic and interactive framework for app development. It is built on top of the WebDriverJS. This framework runs tests in a real browser interacting with the app. It combines some technologies like Mocha, Cucumber, Selenium and Jasmine.


  • It offers end to end test capabilities
  • Allows testing on a real browser
  • For Angular Apps
  • Automatic syncing of web pages and tests


  • Easy to set up
  • Works fine with both angular and non-angular apps also
  • Runs on both real and headless browsers
  • Rapid testing features that eliminate unnecessary “sleep” and “wait” time

6. Sublime Text-

It is considered to be one of the best text editor tools by most AngularJS developers. Apart from the better customization options, this tool comes with some packages that make it easy to work with AngularJS.


  • Multiple selection allows developer to change many lines or variables together
  • “Goto Anything” helps to save time by jumping to symbols, words, or lines 
  • “Goto Definition” provides information by just hovering over the symbol


  • Works efficiently on multiple projects
  • Has various plugins for different apps
  • Full customization keeps the platform lightweight
  • Allows easy file switching

7. Djangular-

Djangular uses Django and Angular framework for easy creation of content for project. This tool provides easy app integration of AngularJS with better flexibility.


  • Flexible framework with all required components
  • Offers namespacing AngularJS content as per Django app


  • Easily available with open-source
  • Helps to develop project-specific content
  • Better security feature with CSRF protection

8. jsfidle-

It is an Angular online editor that offers simplified coding options for developers. One can try coding Javascript, HTML, CSS and Angular all on one screen. This tool loads very rapidly and very light as compared to the other Angular online editors.

9. AngularFire-

It is backend development tool that provides dynamic API feature, 3-way data binding and great development capabilities.


  • Offer synchronized real-time binding
  • For offline users it stores data automatically
  • Supported by AngularJS binding for Firebase
  • Allow to manage binary data files like images, videos and blobs.


  • Offers real-time data synchronization
  • Provides flexible and dynamic API
  • Great developer experience

10. Angular Meteor-

It is for getting data sync of real-time for development purposes. One can directly write the language on the server. There are two parts Angular and Meteor helpful for mobile apps and website development. Data binding between client data and server data occurs in real-time and makes it a good development tool.

11. Aptana Studio-

It is a JS development tool designed for the rapid development of websites. It is based on a flexible and efficient integrated environment, Eclipse to provide flexibility and speed to AngularJS developers.


  • Comes with Tree-based code browser
  • Supports HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby and Javascript
  • Offers development environment with customization of commands
  • Good Git integration for better management of source code
  • Built-in debugger for improved debugging features 


  • Development wizard allows the use of protocols like FTPS, FTP, Capistrano and SFTP
  • Code Assist supports the authoring of HTML5
  • Built-in terminal make sit easy and fast to run common commands

Wrap Up-

These are some of the best AngularJS tools to ease your development process. So as to use these tools appropriately, it is important to hire Angular developers from software companies like Solace Infotech. If you’re thinking of using angular for your next project, we are here to help you through consultation and development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for angular development. We will be happy to help you. 

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