Top 15 .NET Core Libraries That You Must Know

Top 15 .NET Core Libraries That You Must Now

.NET framework has always been a go-to platform to develop robust, scalable and secure apps for enterprises. Microsoft released .NET framework 19 years ago and it continues to stay a first choice for developers. Even new .NET Core is the most valuable and useful update of the framework that gives dynamic, feature-rich, robust web-based apps and mobile apps. Recently, .NET Core got new updates about features with less coding, deploying high-performance and scalable apps. All the updates were done in .Net framework libraries. Let’s see the top 15 .NET core libraries that you must know.

Top 15 .NET Core Libraries That You Must Know-

1. FluentEmail-

It is an open-source .Net library that helps to implement email functionality in .NET app within just a few minutes. This library supports Razor for prebuilt email templates and sending mails through popular email delivery services like SendGrid and MailGun via SMTP protocol. It offers more control over how mail is sent through email delivery service. Here are some of the FluentEmail packages-

  • FluentEmail.SMTP – To send emails through SMTP protocol
  • FluentEmail.mailgun- It is used to send emails using mailgun REST API.
  • FluentEmail.SendGrid- To send emails through SendGrid REST APIs. 
  • FluentEmail.Core- It is a best package to send emails through SMTP. As it is a base package, it only includes basic defaults and domain model.

2. Swashbuckle-

Swashbuckle is a .net core library to build great API documentation. It also enables to explore and test API operations with Swagger UI. Here are some of the core features of this library-

  • Support for XML comments
  • Automatic generation of Swagger 2.0 and seamless integration with Swagger UI.
  • You get reflection-based schema generation as you describe your API types
  • Support for extensibility hooks
  • Support for authentication Implicit OAuth2 scheme and flow, APIKey and basic authentication

3. AutoFac-

It is an IoC container for .NET that enables to run classes and dependencies as separate components so as to easily manage when they become more scalable and complex. AutoFac has a good community and has reputation of being the popular NuGet package in .NET. AutoFac also helps to identify misconfigurations and issues in large-scale apps. Third-party container in app enhances the code readability and provides easily testable code, centralizing dependency management for classes. It helps you to scale only required component rather than scaling the entire app.

4. Xunit-

It is a free, open-source, community-focused testing tool through which you can test small independent components instead of going behind larger parts of program.It allows alignment of design goals and simplicity with the framework’s features. Installing xUnit installs the dependencies like-

  • Xunit.asert- It includes assertion libraries to validate whether the condition is valid or not.
  • Xunit.analyzers- Includes librariesto write unit test cases to test app for all possible conditions
  • Xunit.analyzers- By installing this package provides testing team with code analyzers that help them to find and fix frequently occurring issues and bugs when writing robust test cases.

5. AutoMapper-

It is a .net core library used to manage object-to-object mapping. Developers are relieved by using this library as they don’t need to worry about the code while mapping values. With AutoMapper, you can enable microsoft DI extensions, expression mapping, Enum extensions, collection extensions, IDataReader/Record Extensions etc.

6. HashLib-

It contains the implementations of some hashing algorithms using which you can hash files, streams and all kinds of data in .NET app. Generally hashing is used to get the particular data from your database rapidly using hash key. These Hash keys are used to get direct location of data rather than using indexed structure. In short, searching elements in app can be made simple by taking advantage of Hashlib library.

7. NopCommerce-

NopCommerce is a fully customizable open-source e-commerce solution. You can easily build online shopping cart within a few clicks. When you opt for NopCommerce, you can use its multi-store and multi-vendor functionalities. Also it offers optimized search engine solutions and user-friendly URLs.

8. NLog-

This is an open-source and cross-platform library used for logging. It allows you to manage features and with excellent log routines. Some of the important features are-  template formation, easy configuration, structured logging and extensibility.

9. LiteDB-

It is a lightweight NoSQL database for .NET core. This is an open source library that enables anyone to download and use it freely. Here are some of the great features of LiteDB are-

  • Query support for index and loader
  • Thread-safe cross collection transaction
  • FileStorage and system collection
  • Reader: no lock. Writer: per collection lock.

10. SignalR –

This .NET core library allows you to add real-time web functionalities to .NET core applications. It helps programmers to push-data from the server to their apps. Some of the important features of SignalIR are as follows-

  • Can manage spike in traffic
  • Allow to send messages to clients group
  • Automatic connection management
  • Simultaneous message-sending to all clients

11. UnitConversion-

This a library for unit conversion for .net and dotnet core frameworks. It includes-

  •  mass conversions, 
  • time conversions, 
  • area conversions, 
  • volume conversion 
  • distance conversion.

12. Ocelot-

It is an open-source API gateway used to run microservices or service-oriented architecture. It is useful to route, request aggregation, rate limiting, web sockets, authorization, load balancing,  configuration, authentication, caching, and so on. 

13. Dapper-

It is .net core library for object mapping. It supports high performance ORM support for SQL server, SQLite, SqlCE, MySQL, and so on. You can extend IDBconenction interface using NuGen library.

14. MailKit-

It is a dot not core library for client-server that is cross platform. Here are some of the features of MailKit library-

  • SMTP client
  • IMAP4 client
  • Pop3 client
  • Simple authentication and security layer authentication
  • Async API and API cancellation
  • Proxy support  for SOCKS4/4a, SOCKS, and HTTP

15. Diagnostics.HealthChecks –

This net core library is used to check the UI port and liveness of Microsoft Health Checks. Also it allows you to create great APIs for display of health checks. Diagnostics.HealthChecks library monitors health checks for:

  • APIs
  • Azure services
  • Databases
  • Applications
  • Servers and so on.

Final Words-

These are some of the best net core libraries. There can be some others too. If you’re thinking of using .Net for your next project, knowing these best libraries will help you in the productive development. You can consult with the Solace team for effective development. Also you can hire developers of Solace team for effective software development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for software development. We will be happy to help you.

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