Top 7 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Top 7 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools

These days businesses from various industries use apps for seamless management, reach more customers and deliver the best service to their customers. So it is important that such applications run seamlessly on multiple platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. Using the cross platform mobile development approach, one can create such solutions quickly and cost effectively. There are lots of cross platform app development tools to build a good app. But if you want to build a successful app, you should choose the best tool by considering certain factors. There are four main factors that should influence your decision.

  • Speed Considerations
  • Feature Support
  • Framework Risk
  • Development Cost

Let’s see details of  top 7 cross platform mobile development tools.

Top 7 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools-

1. Xamarin-

It is a leading free, open-source platform for building hybrid mobile apps. This popular microsoft cross platform mobile app framework relies on C# programming language complemented with .NET framework and is available under the MIT license as a part of Visual Studio. Its development toolset includes the following components:

  • Xamarin SDKs
  • Xamarin Studio/Visual Studio (its own IDE)
  • Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Xamarin.Mac to build native Mac apps

Xamarin allows you to build apps for various platforms like iOS, Android and Windows by using a single .net code. One of the best thing about Xamarin is, all apps built on it look and feel like native apps and hence it uses the native interfaces that work the same way a user wants to use them. With the use of Xamarin, you can give your app a platform-specific hardware boost so as to achieve performance like native apps.

Xamarin works on both Mac and PC systems and offers you tools such as debugging, UI design tools, and code editing.

2. Flutter-

It was created by Google and was initially released in May 2017. Flutter is a software development kit that allows you to build high-performance apps on various platforms like Web, desktop, android and iOS from a single codebase. Flutter makes use of Dart programming language which is easy to understand for Java or JavaScript developers. If you’re thinking to develop a custom app for android and ios platforms then Flutter will be the best platform for you. Popular apps like Google Ads, Alibaba used flutter for development.

One of the best feature of Flutter is, it supports widgets and hence it helps to enhance the app look.

You can know the reasons of – Why choose Flutter for cross platform app development?

3. Sencha-

Sencha is a leader in enterprise-grade application development because it helps teams to focus on app development, instead of constructing a framework. It is based on modern web technologies like ES6, HTML5, Javascript and CSS, so that developers can build data-intensive cross-platform mobile apps. One of the biggest reasons why developers like Sencha is, it works well with different devices and platforms. It has a set of tools and themes that improves productivity and facilitates optimization, deployment, design, theming and debugging.

Using sencha, you can easily work with multiple team members no matter where you are. It also offers lots of pre-built elements that saves lots of time in coding. Sencha has great testing tools. The testing features are specifically meant for apps built using Ext JS, so you’ll get the accurate results from tests. Accurate testing ensures quality product and reduces the time and costs associated with testing from other resources. Also you’ll have access to design tools. You can create reusable themes without need to write any code.

4. PhoneGap-

PhoneGap is a open-source mobile application development framework popular for hybrid solutions because of its ease of use. It allows apps to be written in JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5. Phonegap provides native plugins and containers for each mobile platform so that developers can create more features and access device functionality like camera, accelerometer, compass, file system and so on. All of the software development kits are maintained by PhoneGap, hence you don’t need to worry about handling that. Using phonegap, when you finish the app development, you can easily share it with other team members. And this feature helps you to collaborate with others hence you can continuously make improvements for your app. 

Phonegap allows you to lower your development time. Hydration feature of Phonegap allows faster build cycles and debugging.  This will get updates pushed to users who have tested your app to ensure that everyone works on the latest version.

5. Titanium-

Titanium is an open-source development tool. And it operates using JavaScript. It allows you to reuse 60% to 90% of the same code of your apps and this saves your lots of time. It consistently upgrades with functionality and performance. You can repair the bugs or glitches in this system while you’re working and this will help other developers who uses this tool. It includes drag and drop templates that makes it easy to use for beginners too. You can easily move from design aspect to coding without any effort. Similar to java, titanium also allows you to use code from swift and objective C simultaneously with its own code.

6. Appcelerator

Accelerater is a cross platform mobile application development platform which helps to rapidly develop app by simplifying the process. With the use of single Javascript code you can build native-like apps and mobile apps with cloud-like performance. One of the best benefit of an Accelerater is its quality, it can be used to build apps for any device or operating system. This tool also assess the app testing by using the automated mobile tests that allow you to measure app usage and results of your app project. To improve app performance, you can detect bugs, crashes and make some improvements. With this tool, you can access Hyperloop which is one of the best cross-platform APIs for multi-platform application development.

7. Corona-

It is one of the best cross platform for developing apps and games for mobile devices, desktop and tv devices with just a single code base. This tool speeds up the coding process and you can easily update your code, save changes and immediately view the results on devices. With corona, your apps are optimized for performance because of the lightweight scripting scripting power of Lua which improves app performance. It is a free to use cross platform app development tool which basically used in 2d games because it is great to use for high-quality graphics and high-speed development.

Final Words-

Selecting the right tool to develop app is an important factor for successful app development. The above mentioned cross platform mobile development tools will help you to develop the cross platform app for your business. If you are confused to choose the best one, consult with Solace experts. We are here to help you through consultation and development. You can also hire skilled flutter developers of Solace team for effective app development. Connect with Solace and get a free quote for high performing app development. We will be happy to help you. 

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